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Guidelines to help you Select the Best EyedDetect Machine.

EyeDetect is a new technology designed to be used for lie detection. It uses high-resolution infra-red cameras to scan eye movements, and a computer to analyze the data. EyeDetect is much cheaper than other lie detection systems like polygraphs. EyeDetect is relatively new, therefore not man people are familiar with how it works. This article explains the factors you should consider when buying an EyeDetect system.
You should factor in the cost of buying the EyeDetect system. The most advanced systems are very reliable at reading involuntary eye movements. The advanced EyeDetect machines are, however, very costly. There are less advanced systems which provide a much lower quality of service. it is wasteful to buy expensive, sophisticated machines when there are cheaper alternatives that can meet your requirements. Some EyeDetect systems require you to pay for the use of software regularly, usually every month or year thus making them very costly in the long run.

You also have to consider the technology used by the EyeDetect machines. The more sophisticated the technology used, the more accurate and precise the EyeDetect software. Advancements in technology constantly lead to the development of smaller and more accurate EyeDetect systems. EyeDetect cameras of higher resolution will be more accurate at detecting eye movements and thus produce more reliable results.

You have to look at the compatibility between the EyeDetect system you want to buy and the computers you are using. Some EyeDetect systems are only compatible with certain operating systems or models of computers. You should find out whether the EyeDetect machine you have bought can run effectively on your computer. EyeDetect manufacturers usually provide information about compatibility on their websites. Your computer should be able to access all the features of the EyeDetect system
Another thing to consider is the brand of the EyeDetect. Some manufacturers have exclusive access to the best technology in the market. This gives them a competitive advantage over other companies. You have to know the best manufacturers of EyeDetect systems in the market. If you know people that have EyeDetect systems, you can consult them for advice on the best options to choose from. You can also visit credible internet sources to look at reviews by customers and EyeDetect enthusiasts to help you choose a good system.

You should also consider the durability of the EyeDetect system. Long-lasting EyeDetect machines are convenient for investigators and other professionals who use them regularly. Non-durable models are good for short-term use. Non-durable models are cheaper for short-term use, but expensive in the long run because they will need replacement frequently.

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